WINE BC 2030
Long-Term Strategic Plan for the Wines of British Columbia

Strategic Vision & Pillars

Strategic Vision Statement

The following Strategic Vision statement was developed to capture the unique combination of traits that describes the identity of the BC wine region and its place on the world’s wine stage. While other regions may share one or more qualities with BC, it is the combination of factors that point to the region’s distinction. While being specific in its description of the region, the statement must also be broad enough to pertain to the entire region’s wine industry over time.

Strategic Pillars

Supporting this Strategic Vision are five Strategic Pillars – these pillars are fundamental ideas that support the Vision Statement and that the industry can embrace across functional areas and programs. By integrating these strategic pillars into the activities, programs and plans going forward, it will help ensure that the industry adheres to the direction of the Strategic Vision and over time develops the Vision into reality for the industry. These pillars will also develop consistency across the BC wine industry with activities, messages and imagery that supports these foundational ideas.

Strategic Vision & Pillars

Pillar #1 – Building Brand BC
This Strategic Pillar almost serves as a secondary vision for the BC wine industry as it informs everything that the industry does – from communications to education, from marketing to hospitality. Every BC wine touch point is an opportunity to reinforce the core of BC’s brand identity as a wine region, and as the industry becomes aligned on what Brand BC stands for and how it looks, these touch points will reinforce each other in the market place leading to increased awareness and understanding of what BC wine is and stands for.

Pillar #2 – Fostering Unity & Community (Within the BC Wine Industry)
The industry will become stronger faster by working together, overcoming any fractionalization that currently exists between organizations, sectors and sub-regions. Establishing a strong sense of community is paramount so that everyone moves towards a common goal and vision. “All boats rise by a rising tide” is a common theme that underscores the shared nature of success in which everyone benefits in the long run, even if not all feel the benefits immediately. Clear communication and transparency are fundamental and sharing of information will foster the dissolution of party lines within the industry and progress.

Pillar #3 – Advancing Sustainability
Bringing sustainability to the forefront clearly aligns the wine industry with the cultural values of province as a whole, establishing a commitment to support sustainability principals beyond those relating to viticulture and enology. The pillar represents an intention to continue to pursue a “triple bottom line” philosophy in every practice – from farming to hospitality, education to communication. This strategic pillar moves sustainability out from under the sole purview of viticulturists and recognizes that in order to succeed in a meaningful way it will require a multi-disciplinary approach for the long-term.

Pillar #4 – Executional Excellence
This Strategic Pillar sets the bar for the BC wine industry to never settle into complacency or accept operating standards less than what is expected of other leading international wine regions. Meeting and exceeding performance levels of more established wine regions will make BC known for exceptional attention to detail in tourism, hospitality and among the trade.

Pillar #5 – Celebrating Diversity
As a wine region, BC has struggled with how to present its extreme range of terroir and varieties produced, yet acceptance – of the various cultures, languages and people of BC – is one of the region’s most valued tenets. The province should embrace the concept of diversity as a strength of the region and put it forward in a thoughtful and strategic way that will further differentiate BC from other international wine regions as opposed to creating a disadvantage. Similar to the other Strategic Pillars, this concept applies across the industry and includes the people, experiences, locations and the wines produced in BC.