WINE BC 2030
Long-Term Strategic Plan for the Wines of British Columbia


From its inception, the Long-Term Strategic Plan (LTSP) for the BC wine industry has been consensus driven and founded on input from across the industry. Starting with the LTSP Scoping Project in Spring 2018, this process has been inclusive of the industry and intent on representing the broad interests of a dynamic business community. While the objective of this plan is to provide a roadmap for industry leadership, the larger goal is to create a plan that realizes the vision of the individuals who comprise the BC wine sector as a whole. To ensure this end, the plan has been built with the input, feedback and direction from leaders across all segments of the industry. The planning team actively sought discussion, ideas and critiques from the industry through various channels, all reflected in the final plan.

From the LTSP Scoping Project, the industry identified seven key areas that they believed needed to be explored and addressed in the LTSP. Within each of these strategic areas there were multiple issues and opportunities seen as fundamental to the long-term growth and vitality of the wine business in BC:

  • Strategic Vision for the BC Wine Industry
  • Regional Branding & Communication
  • Planning for Growth
  • Go-to Market Strategy
  • Building Partnerships
  • Relationship to Government
  • Industry Structure & Systems

Through discussion sessions with industry Working Groups and a series of regional Town Hall meetings, the industry provided insight and additional detail into the macro-issues identified through the Scoping Project and SWOT analysis.

Through March 2019, the strategic planning process included: