WINE BC 2030
Long-Term Strategic Plan for the Wines of British Columbia

Town Hall Meetings

Tour Dates

January 22 – Duncan (~15 participants)
January 23 – Langley (~15 participants)
January 24 – Penticton (~30 participants)
January 24 – Osoyoos (~10 participants)
January 25 – Kamloops (~15 participants)
January 25 – Kelowna (~25 participants)

Agenda & Topics Discussed

Each town hall kicked off with a recap of the Wine BC 2030 Industry Update Webinar that took place January 12, an update on the Long-Term Strategic Plan objectives and planning process, and a summary of progress to date – to help give context and provide a foundation for discussion.

Previously, the Wine BC 2030 planning team had presented outcomes of the strategic planning session to the BC Wine Institute Board of Directors, centered around an analysis of potential Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) relating to the BC wine industry. This brainstorm was then synthesized with the aim of identifying a vision statement for the industry – broad enough to comprise the scope of BC’s wineries and vineyards yet detailed enough to address a distinctive story and style for individual wine businesses. The next part of the January town halls consisted of an interactive forum, to gauge industry’s level of interest in the proposed ideas and considerations that could shape key sections of the Long-Term Strategic Plan. Core topics discussed included:

  • Identify the target aspirational customer segment for BC wines and develop marketing programs and campaigns tailored to said segment
  • Emphasize on the label the origin of BC wines to help customers understand where their wines come from and the importance of place
  • Understand customer perception of BC wines and how that perception has shifted and continues to evolve over time
  • Build the reputation for BC wines beyond provincial borders of British Columbia
  • Effectively communicate the importance of sustainable farming and winemaking
  • Align resources and responsibilities within the BC wine industry to build strength and unity in the community
  • Develop a powerful partnership network between the wine and tourism industries