WINE BC 2030
Long-Term Strategic Plan for the Wines of British Columbia

The Road to 2030…

The sheer diversity and richness of natural resources of British Columbia – with its high-quality wines, unique terroir, extreme beauty and passionate people – serve as powerful building blocks for the province to position itself so that it may ride this wave of change to a thriving and profitable future.

To ensure this success, the BC Wine Institute partnered with The Artemis Group and O’Donnell Lane to develop a Long-Term Strategic Plan for the BC wine industry – Wine BC 2030. The result is a well-constructed and synchronized strategy and action plan for all areas of the industry, a guide for decision-making over the next ten years that is tailored to the strengths of the region as a whole.

The Long-Term Strategic Plan addresses large, overarching issues and opportunities that will shape and sustain the industry for decades and includes sound strategies that address the specific complexities of the BC wine community. It serves as a dynamic model designed to guide implementation, facilitate decision-making, adapt to shifting external forces and motivate the industry to grow and change.

Access the full WineBC 2030 Long-Term Strategic Plan here.

View WineBC 2030 Inforgraphic here.